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Default E6 turbo manifold flip forward header/manifold flanges: KEEP YOUR AC!

***updated*** 2/08/2018
***updated*** 10/28/2017
***updated*** 4/06/2017
***updated*** 8/26/2016

version 1 has been retired, it took a little time to develop a better, safer, easier, version but they are finally here. supply will never be an issue again, unless i lose my day job, or die... well, i've got it set up pretty nice, if i die you could call my wife if you're desperate and she'll hook you up lol.

there is an ad here, our Facebook page, and eBay. here is the only place you can get them for a $110 shipped, our members are my highest priority and the reason for the discount. your support helps me support you and i thank you for it!

i have Infinite sets in stock!

these will enable you to flip any exhaust header/E6,E3 Manifold (rotate it 180*) and the ports will line back up. this is mainly for the guy that wants to run a stock location header/manifold in a ranger that positions the turbo so there is no modification to the A/C/Heater box and plenty of clearance for the down pipe. they are made out of 10ga mild steel, stacked 6 high and will mount an E6 flipped forward. the flange ports are slightly larger then the stock head ports and raised to help reduce reversion, and to give you some room to enlarge the exhaust ports. 1 3/8" is the limit for the diameter of the exhaust port exit. anymore and you risk hitting a water jacket.

version 2 is better, easier, and safer. if you want to do some port matching, raising, and or expanding these are the ticket. if your simply bolting on the ole E6 and rocking it, i cant believe flow would be an issue if you run them as shipped, the old design turned the port down an wasn't exactly optimum as it put a jog right in the the middle between the port and the header/manifold. also there is a chance of the flange mounting bolts backing out on our older version. I've never received a complaint on mine but i have heard of my competitors backing out with under a 100 miles, repeatedly. now maybe this is workmanship, or carelessness. maybe hes got this problem worked out i don't know. either way i needed to change mine to a better way. the "floating hole" is the easiest, best solution using laminated 10 gauge carbon steel. its dead flat so sealant is optional between laminates. they also help raise the port with the direction of flow into the header/manifold. they are slightly thicker (13/16") then the first version (3/4") to give even more space for transition to the header/manifold, the same bolts now bolt everything to the head. there are 2 prices now, one for frugal people and the other for people in a hurry.

thank you and good luck with your builds guys!

AJ Fritz

i take paypal, money order, cash, and check. when the funds clear they ship. Will ship to Canada, and all US territories too.

V2 Flip flanges only.
$110 US shipped to your door (USA).

V2 Flip Flanges with fasteners and washers to mount E6 through laminate to head.
8 12.9 Zinc plated socket head M10-1.5 bolts and washers.
$125 US shipped to your door (USA)

send paypal payment to: or click one of the links above. it must be friends and family. i'm not Ebay, there is no seller protection for off Ebay purchases through Paypal. i will immediately refund your money if it isn't through friends and family. If you order please PM or Email your shipping address to me.

i also have them for sale on eBay, but i charge more to use that service.

if you have a problem with them send them back for a full refund -10% restock fee (covers shipping only)

Adam Fritz
3660 pigeon run rd
Massillon OH 44647

330.880.4223<--- this is a land line, leave a message i will get back with you.

if you have any questions i'd be more then happy to answer them here or over the phone.

pics of them mounted up in an early ranger can be found here, thank you TacoClaw!

newer rangers should be even better as there is more room in them.

version 2.0 pics... MADE IN THE USA! BY ME! FOR YOU!

To install follow directions on first picture, clean all surfaces, and use high temp silicone lightly on head and manifold surface.

Do people just plug the threaded whole where I'm assuming emissions equipment went? Can I weld a wastegate flange right there for an external wastegate?
you can plug it with a pipe plug or put wastegate on it. personally i would plug it and cut a new hole in the top or the bottom at the T3 flange and put the gate there as it would be either easier to access and or out of the way.

Is there a lot of benefit porting the E6?
Yes, how much? i don't know. the exhaust port are already larger then the head so it doesn't need any work there but the turbo flange isn't the same size as the gasket or the turbine housing. that's where you need to work on it.

If I can find a hy/hx 35 that's the turbo I'm thinking of going with right now. Is that a decent unit in your opinion for a not to wild 2.3? I have the original head and intake from the 87 that I can massage a little before putting the turbo stuff on. Again I'm not going for anything crazy, just a light port cleanup and maybe bigger valves if worth it. Cams are crazy expensive so I'll probably end up using the cam out of the 93 8 plug head that's currently on the truck.
you want the HY35, he351. save the twin scroll HX35/40's, he341 for the paired header guys. the Hy will spool nearly as fast as the Garrett and make way better power.
Warhorse Turbo Fabrication (WTF) 2.3L E6 Flip Flanges ver2 in stock and on sale!

Need to keep your Air Conditioning or dont want to modify your heater box on a 1983-2001 Ranger check here for all the details!

It's the one and only way to turbocharge your Ranger and keep your factory A/C without modifying the heater/AC box and keeping the durability of a factory Ford E6(1986) turbocharger manifold.

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