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Who brings a "dirt" bike with "dirt" trim to a drag track lmao. That's rich. I definitely need to come chill with you crazy Quebecois once im back lol
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Cars aren't all about brochures, you have to customize, it's all between you and the car you build, it's like a bond, a commitment. Sounds like a marriage, except when you trade up you don't lose half your sh*t.
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Originally Posted by beluga420 View Post
You take your 2.5 and build it and run 30 psi boost and make it to a real monster. With a locked rear of course and 1 set of tire per week lol. Tonight was totaly insane on the track I had my dirtbike and damnnnn got kicked out cuz of too much wheelies loll did 15.20 on a REALLY BAD start (wheeling 2 times) with a 90 mph trap, was on cutoff since half the quarter(13,000 rpm) and let go a little to give that engine a chance lol my bike got banned from that place, too much wheelies and burnouts

Mhhh how stupid can we act sometimes LOLLL next time I go to that track is with my red truck.
Lol next time I go to the track will be in my red truck. And yeah I wanna build this engine but internals for this motor are such a kick to the balls that I can't justify it just yet. I would have loved to buy speedaddicts motor but I don't think it would have been the same as building this one next summer. Gonna work during the school year and save as much as I can so the build will have funding and the truck won't be off the road too long. The only question is.... Get a 2.3T or make a 2.5T.....
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1984 Porsche 944 N/A (totaled by 93 year old menace/ 100% her fault)

Originally Posted by D94R View Post
That's cause HP is an extension of your dick. Some people only worry about the size, while others only worry about how to use it....

I forget where I was going with that...
Originally Posted by D94R View Post
I just went sterile.
Originally Posted by D94R View Post
She could fart on my face.
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From what I heard, theres not much power difference beetween a turbo 2.3 and 2.5, and the 2.5 parts cost a lil more.

And yes Racin there are plenty of four wheelers and bike there. But I was probably the only one with a full cross dirt bike lol. Raced agaisnt a Can-am 450 MX 4-wheeler, he got me cause of my bad start, all the rest of the drag we were going same exact speed. This atv is probably the fastest that I raced against, its faster than those crappy yfz450 and banshees.
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-'99 Daily 400$ truck, AKA Shitbox
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