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Old 02-20-2011, 10:08 PM   #11
The Patient Ninja
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I'd understand if he had used a LS family motor, but a regular sbc isn't that much stonger than a 302, and not any better than a 351w.
2007 F350 6.0 KR SCT tuner from innovative diesel!
2005 Mercury Mariner 3.0 duratec awd.
1979 Ford F150 400m with edelbrock intake carb and cam. Heads ported.
1984 Ford Ranger 2.3 one barrel. 5speed. long box waiting for 351w, turbo.
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Old 02-20-2011, 10:33 PM   #12
President's Choice
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yeah but even if he's doing low 12 and I do mid 12 It's still a 4 cylinder thats almost smoking his v8. and hes arrassing me to put a shitty carbed 302 in my truck LOL
If I ever have any doubt about my truck's performance i'll go buy some slicks and a nitrous bottle and slap on some twins that would be next summer tought not this one.
but yeah he could probably smoke me with his capri.
one of my honda friend is switching from supecharged d16 I think to a turbo and hes shooting for 400 whp, the other one is around 280 whp... those one should be good races.
-'97 Turbo Ranger
WH1C turbo, custom twin scroll manifold, Bo-Port 1.9 cam, 80lbs siemens injectors, LS6 valve springs, KB .020 over pistons, crower rods, TurboXS RFL BOV, 255 walbro, 5/9 drop, Explorer L/S diff, spec3+ clutch. 9:1 CR. megasquirt 2, Water/Meth inj, Stock exhaust line with 3'' E-Cutout, Hurst shifter

-'99 Daily 400$ truck, AKA Shitbox
94 engine OBD2, TC internals, 80 mm 5.4 maf, TD04 Volvo turbo, 32 lbs volvo injectors, rx7 t2 IC, all ABS 2'' piping, sniper tuned, Explorer L/S diff
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