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Default New best!

Well it only took a year to get back to where I left off in 2014 but Im finally getting this monkey off my back.

After problems with wastegates,boost controllers,wiring,head gaskets and cam timing Im at a point where its fun to go racing again and the truck is performing.Big thank you to Wes Kiser for all the guidance through all of this.

I went to Milan with the plan to leave boost alone at low setting around 22-24 and just work on launch control settings and tire pressure til I got my 60s back down. Then I wanted to play with cam timing to see where this Esslinger 490 wants to run.

Off the trailer the cam was straight up,11psi in tires and 4k launch. Truck spun to a 1.81 12.23@108

Next pass I raised tires to 12 and launched at 4200 but I pushed myself out of burnout box before I got any heat in tires. Ran another 12.21 at 107

From here I raised tires to 13psi and tried retarding the cam -4. I couldnt build any boost at line and ran a 14 something.

Next pass I advanced cam to +4 and it was a ton better! It ripped off a 1.72 12.05 at 110.I then advanced cam another +2 for a total of +6 and it ran a 1.67 11.79@112. Next I raised launch to 4500 with no other changes and ran a 1.66 11.67@113.3

For my last pass only thing I did was gave boost controller 3 clicks. Boost spiked to about 30 coming off the trans brake but settled in at 27psi for rest of the pass.
1.67 11.58@114.25
Brian R.
88 2.3t longbed
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Nice numbers!!

2010 XLT, Bone stock for now
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